10 things to lift your moods in 60 seconds


I was listening to Denise Linn yesterday. I love her book “Sacred Space”. She gave out this list of things that lift your moods in 60 seconds that I am sharing with you here:

1. Move – Dance

2. Day dream about your ideal vacation

The Little Paradise

3. Have an alternating hot-cold shower

4. Aromatherapy – use high quality pure essential oils

5. Laugh for no reason

6. Do something great for somebody

7. It is not what happens, it is what you make of it that matters. Create a meaning that makes you feel good.

8. Tell somebody a story or tell yourself one.

9. Put your arms up, smile – affirm: my life is filled with vitality

10. Think of something quickly – your peak experiences, people you love etc.

Wishing you happiness always.


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