Thankfulness and the New Moon

New Moon 

2 days ago we had no electricity for half the day. It is only when we do not have something do we realise how valuable it is. No green smoothies, no green juice, no blogging, a very cold and dark house, no telephone. I welcome the hiccups of life for they make me conscious of something that fades into the background yet without which life seems to fall apart. I am so very thankful for the Source that always watches over me and I know that we are taken care of.

Today is New Moon at 3.03 pm PST/6.03 EST. This New Moon is in Scorpio, a Water sign. Scorpio hold all the mystery of the water elements, the psychic power and the dreaminess. New Moons are a good time to plant the seeds of your desire. What are you dreams and desires for the Global Heart?

Sunday is 11th November, when the earth aligns with the angelic frequency of 11:11. This is a significant day to illuminate your purposes and directions. So focus and meditate on your dreams and desires and all the good you can do for the Global Heart.

May you connect deeply with your purpose.


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