An Apple a day

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Once considered the “forbidden fruit”, today you are encouraged to indulge in this fruit.

My 7 year old daughter loves apples and can eat several a day. She says eating several a day will keep the doctor forever away. But that it not why she eats them. She just loves them. Right now is apple harvest time and at the Village Market they have several varieties. I have been buying whole bushels of them as we go through them so fast. There are so many varieties. Cortland, Spy, Red Delicious, Royal Gala are just some that I have bought and enjoyed.

I love the tart apples in my green juice.  They contain boron, an essential trace mineral for strong bones. Research confirms that the antioxidants in apples counteract damage done by LDL cholesterol. Apples belong to the most highly pesticide-sprayed fruits, so it is better to buy organic apples. They also taste so much better. Most of the nutrients in apples are in the skin and directly below the skin. The skin is also high in phenols, that exert hefty protection against UV-B rays. Apples are  the perfect portable snack.

Here some quick ideas:

Apple slices with raw almond butter

Add chopped apples to your salad

Grate them into coleslaw

Make a fruit salad. I just had some with a banana, an apple, half and orange. Add the juice of the other half orange mixed with a teaspoon of coconut butter to the fruits.  Yummy.

Blend some hazelnuts or brazil nuts with water until smooth. Add an apple and some cinnamon and blend until chunky. Enjoy with a spoon. Sooo good.

Just enjoy a crunchy, juicy apple on its own.

Have you had your apple a day?


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  1. Experiment 1 said

    Yum, apple in coleslaw, I never thought of that! Do you have a good raw coleslaw recipe?


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