Kris Carr on Oprah

Kris and Dr. Oz

Kris Carr and Dr Oz on Oprah

Kris Carr recently appeared on Oprah recently to talk about her fight against cancer.  I rarely watch TV but I did catch this show. My friend Yasmin is my Oprah guide and lets me know when Oprah features  something that might be of interest to me. I hope it is the first of many more to come. Kris says: Once I changed my focus, desperation led to inspiration.  And: Whatever in the fridge that is green, it is in my juice. She has made a documentary about her journey that will certainly give hope to many people regardless of what they are struggling with. There is always hope, if only you choose to see it.

Many people choose to give their power away and become victims. I see it so many times. Life is a gift and you it’s guardian. I remember meeting a 70 year old woman while shopping for my organic produce and I saw her buying huge amounts. We got talking and she told me about her cancer and how it had effected many organs in her body. She chose to go to Hippocrates institute in Florida instead of dying with her face in the toilet like many of her friends. (her words) Not only was she able to control her cancer but she also got rid of her walker and looked 20 years younger. Her posture straight and strong. Truly inspiring.

If you are going through any struggle, please know there are answers.

To find out more about Kris Carr, check her website and blog. Also check out her interview at We Like it Raw.

 Thank you Oprah for featuring stories of hope and inspiration.

Love, peace and light



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