Love, Magic and Mudpies

 Love, Magic, And Mudpies: Raising Your Kids to Feel Loved, Be Kind, and Make a Difference

Dr Bernie Siegel is a neuro surgeon who back in 1986 wrote Love, Medicine and Miracles – Lessons learned about self healing from a surgeon’s experience with exceptional patients. In it he describes how people who were told they had only 2 weeks or a few months to live would go on to heal and live full lives. These happened where there was determination and self-love. I was listening to Bernie Siegel’s on a conference call a few months ago in which he explained that he found that most people who got sick came from families where they were not loved. Which got him to write one of his latest books: Love, Magic and Mudpies about parenting.  When he retired,  he shifted his work to helping troubled children and becoming their CD (Chosen Dad). He also recommended reparenting those who came from troubled households and loving people in general.

I am always for adding some magic to our lives: Here are some of the magic tips from his book:

Remember to repeat the following to your children often: ” Being a success will not make you happy, but being happy will make you a success.” When they ask you for advise, remember there is always one right answer: “Do what will make you happy!”

Ask  your children to write down 3 wishes. Then sit down  with each one individually  and talk about his or her wishes. See if there is one that you can help your child fulfill right away. If not, try to find one you can help him or her work toward. Help your children to find a place where dreams do come true.

Get a book of poetry and find some meaningful poems to read and send to your children. Share them with your kids whether they are sitting in high chairs or feeding kids of their own. If you are having trouble with one, give him or her a poem anyway. Do it today.

Because I so love these magic tips, I will add a few more tomorrow. Anything to make anyone feel more loved 🙂


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