Medicine Woman


I was just listening to this CD yesterday from New World Music. I first used their cassettes (they did not have CDs at that time) 14 years ago when I started my aromatherapy practice. One of my favorites at that time was Tranquility. Love it.


 I love the word Medicine Woman. It evokes memories of native healers and shamans. People like me who believe in the awesome Power of Nature for healing. I believe that for every problem Mankind encounters Nature provides a solution. Sometimes it is not always evident but it is always there. You do not even have to go to school to learn this. It is an inner knowing. A wonderful delicious feeling. Life and Nature are so abundant and the answer is there.

Today I indulge myself and think of myself as Medicine Woman. I am not always able to convey with my words what I want to say but my heart always believes in me, you and the Universe.

Live a magnificent life.



  1. […] I’ve put a link to this article here […]

  2. RubyShooZ said


    I was just clearing out some of my emails and I found one that was a notification that you’d commented on my blog on a tabouli recipe I had posted. I guess I never checked out the link you’d left there so here I am now…

    Nice blog! I get a nice warm feeling just looking at a few posts here. Thanks for being here.

    Have a beautiful day.

    Peace, love and understanding.

    ~ RubyShooZ ~

  3. loverawfood said

    Thank you RubyShooz 🙂

    Love & Peace too


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