Fig Sunflower pudding

Figs for lunch 4

Fresh figs are so delicious.

Figs were regarded as a sacred fruit by the Roman. Pliny, the Roman writer (52 – 113 AD) said: “Figs are restorative. They increase the strength of young people, preserve the elderly in better health and make them look younger.”

 Mithridates, the Greek King, heralded figs as an antidote for all ailments, instructed his physicians to use them medicinally, and ordered his citizens to consume figs daily. Figs were used as a training food by Olympic athletes, and  were also presented to the winners as the first Olympic “medal”.


 Sunflower sprouts are rich in chlorophyll, enzymes, vitamins, proteins and Vit D. Almost everyone likes the taste of sunflower sprouts. They can be used in salads, smoothies or juice. I get mine from  Liz at the Village market. She grows them with GroPal Sea Minerals. 

 I combined the above into a delicious pudding.

5 figs

1 large handful sunflower sprouts

Blend with just a little water until smooth. I am usually scraping my blender for the last bit. It is so yum.


Can sprinkle some hempseeds or ground flaxseeds on top.

Can add 1-2 drops of  Young Living lemon essential oil.

Enjoy the power.


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  1. Sakina said


    Thanks for the fig pudding recipe. Indeed it’s a very yummy desert and my entire family loves it including my 1 year old son.

    I love reading your blog. It gives me so much information and knowledge on a variety of subjects. BRAVO keep up your good work.

    god bless you

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