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Calcium rich Dill Dressing


I picked up an aromatic bunch of dill at the Village Market on Saturday. One of my favorite ways of having it is in this Dill Dressing.

The oils in dill help neutralize particular types of carcinogens and  prevent bacterial overgrowth. Dill is a rich source of calcium. It keeps fresh for just about two days and freezes well.

Dill is an effective herb for colic, gas and indigestion.

Calcium rich Dill Dressing

1 tablespoon raw organic tahini

1/2 handful fresh dill

3 tablespoons water

1/2 red cayenne pepper

salt to taste

Blend with a hand blender. Pour over your salad. Delish.

This dressing looks creamy with speckles of green dill and red cayenne.

We are having a gorgeous fall day here in Toronto. Have a gorgeous day wherever you are.



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Kris Carr on Oprah

Kris and Dr. Oz

Kris Carr and Dr Oz on Oprah

Kris Carr recently appeared on Oprah recently to talk about her fight against cancer.  I rarely watch TV but I did catch this show. My friend Yasmin is my Oprah guide and lets me know when Oprah features  something that might be of interest to me. I hope it is the first of many more to come. Kris says: Once I changed my focus, desperation led to inspiration.  And: Whatever in the fridge that is green, it is in my juice. She has made a documentary about her journey that will certainly give hope to many people regardless of what they are struggling with. There is always hope, if only you choose to see it.

Many people choose to give their power away and become victims. I see it so many times. Life is a gift and you it’s guardian. I remember meeting a 70 year old woman while shopping for my organic produce and I saw her buying huge amounts. We got talking and she told me about her cancer and how it had effected many organs in her body. She chose to go to Hippocrates institute in Florida instead of dying with her face in the toilet like many of her friends. (her words) Not only was she able to control her cancer but she also got rid of her walker and looked 20 years younger. Her posture straight and strong. Truly inspiring.

If you are going through any struggle, please know there are answers.

To find out more about Kris Carr, check her website and blog. Also check out her interview at We Like it Raw.

 Thank you Oprah for featuring stories of hope and inspiration.

Love, peace and light


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Durian – the King of Fruits


I remember as a child in Africa running in the other direction when my parents ate durian. What a smell.  So I never tasted durian until recently when my sister who loves them bought me one as she knew I wanted to  try this king of fruits. What can I say,  I ended up eating most of it. It has so many layers of taste sensations. Soft, silky, creamy custard with hints of caramel and almonds. Who says raw food is not addictive? Durian is superlicious. Not every Durian is good. Like other fruits you can get a really good one or a not so very good one. I hope when you try one, you will find a terrific one.

Due to the pungent smell the shell is immediately removed from the house. Hotels in South Asia do not allow people to bring in Durians. Many people do not try Durian because of this smell. Durian is a jungle fruit best enjoyed outdoors.

Chantaburi province in Thailand is the durian capital of the world. Thailand produces one million tons of durians per year! Half of those are from Chantaburi. They also hold a World Durian Festival once an year and many exotic fruits including durian are used to build artistic fruit floats on the lake of Chantaburi.

 Jungle creatures like elephants and tigers love durian. The durian fruit is one of the largest  tree fruit in the world. It can weigh upto 10 lbs.  It is considered an aphrodisiac. It also contains high levels of trytophan , an amino acid that raises serotonin levels in the brain leading to a euphoric feeling. Tryptophan is also helpful with anxiety and insomnia. Durian is also high in raw fats, sulfur and protein making it a beauty food. Besides the nutritional value, durians are considered to have powerful life force energy. The durian tree is a strong and  powerful majestic tree that dies from damage and not age.

You will find frozen or fresh durian at some Asian Grocery Stores or in Chinatown. My sister buys them at No Frills.

Try this exquisite fruit and experience the bliss.

 Did you notice that the buddha crown resembles the durian fruit?


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Pumpkin Feast

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I love the burst of orange everywhere you look this time of the year.  I bought an organic pumpkin on Saturday at the Village market which is open once a week for organic produce. I have rarely had pumpkin. In Switzerland it is usually sold in pieces together with a sprig of parsley to make pumpkin soup. I have had pumpkin pie once several years ago and that is about it with pumpkins. I got this one for my 7 year old daughter  Safia to make a jack-o-lantern. Now we have a smily organic jack-o-lantern with a beeswax teelite in it. And a lot of pumpkin pulp. It took us 45 joyful, messy minutes to remove all the pulp. I used a spoon to scoop out the middle and  the back of a potato peeler for scraping the edges. Safia took out every single seed from the pulp.

Here is what I ended up doing  with the pulp – all raw

Pumpkin Oat cookies – Flop

Salad – so yum

Sesame Seed Pumpkin crackers – yummy

Pumpkin Pie – yummy

Spicy Nori crackers – incredibly yummy

Here is my Raw Pumpkin Pie recipe:


1/4 cup pecans

1/4 cup pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup dates

1/8th tsp salt

Blend in food processor and press into a pie dish.


1 cup pumpkin

5 dates – add more if you prefer it sweeter

1 tsp spice mix – see below

Slice of ginger

1 tbsp coconut butter

1 tbsp ground flaxseed

1/8th tsp salt

Blend in Vitamix and pour on crust. Voila. Refrigerate if you can  wait for  at least a couple of hours to let it set and the flavors to blend.

Spice Mix

All the spices are from Zanzibar – the island of spice. My brother lives there and gets them from the farm. The cinnamon bark is like 10″ long. The clove is intense, the vanilla moist and shiny, the nutmeg still in its shell. You can find organic spices online and at the health store.

5″ cinnamon stick

2 cloves

1 nutmeg

1 vanilla stick

Grind in coffee grinder. The blend I made was intensely fragrant and tasted so good.

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Love, Magic & Mudpies – Part 2

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Oops – a day too late. Here are some more magic tips from Dr Bernie Siegel’s lovely book:

Let your children know that you love them even when their behavior is inappropriate. You can love a child whose behavior you do not like.

Write a note to yourself tonight and put in up where you will see it in the morning. Just put one word on it. Listen. Leave it there to remind you to listen to your family the entire day.

Have faith in life’s corridor of doors. Give your children the freedom and the power to make their own choices and pay their own consequences. If you stand in the way and try to stop them, you will get run over.

 My magic tip: Remember to use these tips for your inner child too. A happy parent is the best parent.

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Love, Magic and Mudpies

 Love, Magic, And Mudpies: Raising Your Kids to Feel Loved, Be Kind, and Make a Difference

Dr Bernie Siegel is a neuro surgeon who back in 1986 wrote Love, Medicine and Miracles – Lessons learned about self healing from a surgeon’s experience with exceptional patients. In it he describes how people who were told they had only 2 weeks or a few months to live would go on to heal and live full lives. These happened where there was determination and self-love. I was listening to Bernie Siegel’s on a conference call a few months ago in which he explained that he found that most people who got sick came from families where they were not loved. Which got him to write one of his latest books: Love, Magic and Mudpies about parenting.  When he retired,  he shifted his work to helping troubled children and becoming their CD (Chosen Dad). He also recommended reparenting those who came from troubled households and loving people in general.

I am always for adding some magic to our lives: Here are some of the magic tips from his book:

Remember to repeat the following to your children often: ” Being a success will not make you happy, but being happy will make you a success.” When they ask you for advise, remember there is always one right answer: “Do what will make you happy!”

Ask  your children to write down 3 wishes. Then sit down  with each one individually  and talk about his or her wishes. See if there is one that you can help your child fulfill right away. If not, try to find one you can help him or her work toward. Help your children to find a place where dreams do come true.

Get a book of poetry and find some meaningful poems to read and send to your children. Share them with your kids whether they are sitting in high chairs or feeding kids of their own. If you are having trouble with one, give him or her a poem anyway. Do it today.

Because I so love these magic tips, I will add a few more tomorrow. Anything to make anyone feel more loved 🙂

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Medicine Woman


I was just listening to this CD yesterday from New World Music. I first used their cassettes (they did not have CDs at that time) 14 years ago when I started my aromatherapy practice. One of my favorites at that time was Tranquility. Love it.


 I love the word Medicine Woman. It evokes memories of native healers and shamans. People like me who believe in the awesome Power of Nature for healing. I believe that for every problem Mankind encounters Nature provides a solution. Sometimes it is not always evident but it is always there. You do not even have to go to school to learn this. It is an inner knowing. A wonderful delicious feeling. Life and Nature are so abundant and the answer is there.

Today I indulge myself and think of myself as Medicine Woman. I am not always able to convey with my words what I want to say but my heart always believes in me, you and the Universe.

Live a magnificent life.


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