Olive trees and Olive oil facts

Olive Tree

Olive trees start producing olives after 5 years but it takes 5 decades before achieving a mature yield.

Olive yields can vary greatly from year to year depending on the care provided.

By their very nature, olive tree yields vary by as much as threefold every second year.

1/4 acre holds 16 trees.

One tree produces 15-40 kg of olives.

One litre of olive oils requires 4-6 kg of olives.

One tree produces enough olives for 4-10 liters of oil.




  1. Keiko said

    Hi Fatma,
    I just went to the Zatoun website and almost all the places that carry this oil are in the Annex, close to Bathurst & Bloor where I work. I have been thinking about olive oil & which brand I should buy, so I esp appreciate this post.
    Interesting facts. Thanks!!

  2. loverawfood said

    Hi Keiko

    Wonderful. Let me know how you like it.

    Look at the facts. Aren’t we lucky to be getting olive oil at all.

    By the way for $ 20 you can have 5 olive trees planted. 🙂


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