Zatoun Fair Trade Olive Oil

My friend Dima gave me a bottle of Zatoun Fair Trade Olive Oil a few months ago. It is one of the most delicious olive oils I have ever tasted. And I love the philosophy behind this particular one of supporting the farmers and peace. The oil is organic and stone crushed. Palestine does not use any chemicals or pesticides on the land.

Since the 19th century , olives have been a major commercial crop for Palestine. The olive oil is used for food, lighting and soap making. Zatoun Olive Oil is meant to bring to North Americans the human experience of Palestine and its people, especially farmers who depend

on the land and its fruits.


Montilla olives collage12


Robert Massoud developed the project as a “people sized initiative for those who want to make a difference.

He says: I turned to the sale of olive oil because it’s a life giving substance that binds us together in the human experience of eating and sharing, and a symbol of life, hope and peace. The world today is in dire need of bridge-building. This is an invitation to walk that bridge. Sales of Zatoun support 150 farm families from the northern West Bank between Nablus and Jenin, as well as urban artisans who make oilve oils soaps in Nablus, Palestine’s second city and the birthplace of modern soap-making.

Zatoun also sells soap made with olive oil and zatar, a mixture of sesame seeds mixed with foraged sumac and wild mountain thyme gathered from the hillsides.

Some health information on olive oil. For the best benefits use the oil raw on salads or food. Do not cook with it.

Olive Oil is effective against Helicobacter Pylori the bacteria responisble for ulcers. In research it exerted stron activity even against some strains resistant to antibiotics.

 Olive Oil Phenols protect from free radical damage

Olive Oil Phenols prevent inflammation- induced osteopenia (bone thinning)

 Olive Oil has anti-inflammatory benefits

Olive Oil has been shown to be a key factor in the lowering of breast cancer risk associated with the Mediterranean Diet.

 Olive Oil  reduces Cardiovascular disease risk

Olive Tree in Tuscany

Tomorrow I will list some more interesting facts about olive trees and olive oil.

Have a peaceful day.


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