The Power of Nice

How to Conquer the Business World With Kindness

I have just finished reading “The Power of Nice” by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Kaval. It was a recommedation by Donald Trump in his book “Why we want you to be rich”. I loved both books. Wisdom can be found in unusual places.

 Here are some suggestions from the book greatly simplified by me.

Learn a few jokes – make others laugh.

Flash a smile – Smiling should become as natural as breathing.

Be kind to everyone.

Cooperation beats out the competition.

Come in Peace.

Compliment those who irritate you the most.

Offer your assistance to your rivals.

Don’t be afraid to set boundaries.

Ask a question – listen.

Honor your debts (the non financial ones) – Honor those who helped you get where you are.

There is untapped potential in even the smallest good deed and it can have a multiplier effect strong enough to change the world. Love that.

I am off to learn a new joke.

Smile 🙂


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