Color your Life

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I love colors. I can stand and stare at colors anywhere for hours. Oh what a wonderful world this is.

Each color of the spectrum has unique properties.

Red promotes strength, vitality and alertness.

Orange connects you to your creativity.

Yellow releases stress and energizes your whole body.

Green promotes inner peace and balance.

Pink encourages self awarenss and generosity.

Blue and indigos help you communicate, plan and organize.

Purple and amethyst help open your psychic channels and free your mind.

You can use them according to your needs in any area of your life.

Here is what you are saying about yourself according to the color you wear:

Red: I am in control. Wear it when you want to be noticed.

Yellow: I am an optimist. It makes you appear outgoing and dynamic. Wear it to uplift your mood when you are feeling tired.

Green: I am down to earth. Wear it when you want to appear humble. It makes people comfortable around you.

Pink: I am caring and nurturing. It projects love and romance in a soft, unassuming way.

Blue: You can trust me. Wear it when you want to appear trustworthy.

Purple: I am creative. Purple says you are a deep thinker, artistic and imaginative. Wear it when you want inspiration. It stimulates the creative part of the brain.

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Use colors in your food. Make yourself a rainbow plate of vibrant Raw Food to nourish your body and soul and brighten your life.

Have a rainbow day.



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  1. rawfoodie said

    i liked this! i love colour as well… it’s a benefit of making my own clothes, i can be as wild as i want. it’s odd, because i read a colour association in an old book on energies and the only thing i remember from the list is: “if you wish to go unnoticed, wear light gray.” and indeed it works.

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