Beautiful on raw – Tonya Zavasta


Linda, Tonya, Robin at Toronto Sprouts

The Painting in the background is by Robin, who works at Toronto Sprouts.

Last week I went to see Tonya Zavasta who was speaking at Toronto Sprouts.

 Tonya was born with a hip deformity. She needed a lot of surgeries to be able to walk. After which she walked with a limp.

In high school, a beautiful friend of hers told her she would rather die than look like her.

Tonya set out on a journey to be beautiful. Today at 50 her strong spirit has achieved that and more. With an artificial hip she stands incredibly straight and strong. She speaks with much love wanting to share her secrets so that everyone can be beautiful. She looks stunning and is an incredibly entertaining speaker much like a one woman stage show. With her intelligence, charisma, beauty and love, she shared her experiences and knowledge and mesmerised everyone in the audience. Tonya has been 100 % raw for 10 years and does Bikram Yoga. She persisted with yoga despite her initial pain with her hip. Her husband Nick who was eating cooked food became 100 % raw 7 months ago and has lost 70 lbs. He was on hand to help her throughout, making and serving the pea shoots and mango pudding.

Meeting Tonya was an enchanting and inspiring experience.

Here are some gems from her:

Life on Raw Food is blissful. Your body becomes your greatest ally.

Beauty after 40=Health

Rawsome Beauty=Reflection of superior health

Thank you to Linda for the photograph.

Linda’s website – She is a superb illustrator

Tonya’s website – Check out her newsletters

Robin’s blog – Excellent blog or art, life and the raw lifestyle

To the beauty in all of us.




  1. Shemin said

    Wow, Tonya had so much energy and she looked beautiful……. Bravo raw foods!

  2. joan said

    Hi….. This is from Robin’s Mom …. I enjoyed your blog today about Tonya Zavasta…. and the photo … Thank-you so much !

    May you be blessed this day


  3. loverawfood said

    Hi Joan, Thank you. Aren’t the girls looking beautiful? Have a blessed day too

    Shemin, she did look absolutely beautiful. The most beautiful skin ever. Her pictures do not do her justice.


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