Love Raw Food

At Love Raw Food my philosophy is to empower, inspire and uplift you. I like to educate people on the healing power of nature including foods, herbs and essential oils. Live is incredibly giving and here I offer you some solutions and let you make your choices. You do not have to eat  raw but I love to open up to you the vibrancy, beauty and wonderful taste of raw foods. Life is about having  the best time ever. So I encourage you to


Follow your truth and blossom into your greatest expression. Enjoy the journey as you become more of who you are. And who you really are is always good and divine.

Step into a world of delightful tasting food.



Green Zebra Tomato


Cucumber Tea Sandwiches


Zucchini Rollups


Spicy Corn Relish




Raw Lasagne

raw strawb lime slice

Raw Strawberry Lime Mousse Cake

raw cookies n creme stack

 Raw Cookies and Cream Stack

raw strawberry choco chip ice cream

Raw Strawberry Choco Chip Ice Cream

 raw butter toffee pie 1

Raw Butter Toffee Pie

raw chocolate cream squares

Raw Chocolate Cream Squares

raw chocolate strawberry layer cake

Raw Chocolate Strawberry Layer Cake

Raw double chocolate cheesecake2

Raw Double Chocolate Cheesecake

Pictures by Tofu666 and RawYogaGoddess at Flickr. 




  1. Shemin said

    yummy, yummy, yummy – I have love in my tummy! Raw food looks so delicious, I just want to bite it through the screen!! 🙂

  2. annette said

    it looks amaaaaaaaaazing! where can we find these recipes??


  3. loverawfood said

    Annette, I am glad the pictures inspired you. You can check the blogs of the photgraphers: and
    Happy eating!


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