Raw Food and the Law of Attraction

I was just preparing to write an article on Raw Foods and the Law of Attraction and just noticed that Mike Adams at Newstarget had written one called “Nutrition and the Secret”. The Secret is based on “the secret” of the Law of Attraction that is as old as time. You are practicing it even if you do not know it just as you are practicing the Law of Gravity even if you have no idea about it. What you might not be doing is practicing it deliberately. That is when you become a co creator of your life when you become conscious of how you are creating your life with the thoughts you think and the feelings you feel. More of that in another post.

What gets little or no attention is the effect of food at magnifying your results with the Law of Attraction. I have noticed it myself after introducing Raw Foods into my life. I also notice more hypersynchronicites as I mentioned in an earlier post. If you decide to make changes, go slow and choose the ones that you feel intuitively attracted to. As David Wolfe says it is not what you think, it is what you eat that matters. Eating well brings out the best in you.

I like to focus on the do’s rather than the dont’s. Here is a list of foods from Mike Adams that enhance the power of intention.

Raw foods: Raw foods really cleanse your nervous system and restore healthy brain function. Drinking raw food juices on a regular basis (freshly made in your own blender, not processed) greatly enhances clarity and the power of intention. Most spiritual leaders around the world follow diets based at least in part on raw foods. Following a raw foods diet for just 30 days will dramatically clear your senses and turn you into a powerful broadcaster of intention.

Vegetarian foods: Avoiding the consumption of meat and dairy products is also an important way to keep your system clear and lend power to your intention. Meat and dairy products stagnate the flow of energy throughout your mind and body, blocking the intention. To get the best results, go completely dairy free (except for raw, unprocessed milk, which qualifies as a raw food) and meat free.

Personal integrity: Acting with integrity multiplies the power of your intention. When you consistently do what you promise, especially in relation to others, you gain power and confidence in your own actions. This translates into significant improvements in the Law of Attraction. People who steal from others, exploit them or harm them are acting outside of personal integrity and typically demonstrate a very poor ability to attract things into their lives that they really want. It’s a vicious cycle, too: When they can’t attract what they want, they turn to stealing, and this in turn diminishes their ability to attract what they want in the future.

Clean water: Hydration is crucial for good nervous system performance. I will even say that you cannot possibly engage in effective intention exercises when you’re in a state of chronic dehydration (as most people are). Drinking plenty of water clears metabolic wastes from your body and even lubricates the nerve cells throughout your body! So drink more water and you’ll boost your results.

Microalgae superfoods: These superfoods offer a two-fold benefit: They cleanse the liver (which purifies the blood and improves mental clarity) and they offer natural high-density nutrition from nature. The four I recommend are spiruline, chlorella, blue-green algae and astaxanthin (www.Nutrex-Hawaii.com). One of the top brands of raw microalgae is E3 Live, which you can find at http://www.e3live.com/index.htm. My note: Check here for a Canadian resource.

Healthy oils: Consuming regular quantities of healthy oils and omega-3 fatty acids makes a huge difference on the power and reach of your intention. Eat more chia seeds , avocados, raw coconut oil and minimally processed plant-based oils. Fish oils can also be supportive if you choose to eat fish-derived products. Flax seeds serve a similar purpose for those who are vegetarian.

Berries: Eat massive quantities of fresh, raw berries to boost nervous system function and greatly enhance the power of your intention. Berries offer nervous system protection medicines, and they also happen to halt cancer, prevent eye disease, enhance memory and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Be sure to eat a variety of berries so you get all sorts of different colors: Black raspberries, blueberries, red raspberries, strawberries, acai, red currants, wild berries, etc.

There are, of course, many other nutrients and natural substances that can enhance mental function and clarity. Everything from tropical fruits to garden greens provides a strong benefit in boosting the power of your intention.

To read the whole article go here.

Today make a decision to deliberately cocreate your life.



  1. I’m curious about your David Wolfe quote, Fatma, that “it is not what you think, it is what you eat that matters.”

    The law of attraction would guide us differently; that it’s not so much what we eat, it’s what we THINK (and feel) about what we eat that matters. That the best thing we could do for our bodies is to feel good about what we eat, whatever that is.

    Having said that, I’ve noticed in many of my deliberate creation clients that when they harness their thoughts and point in the direction that feels good, they very often naturally find themselves reducing their meat and dairy consumption, and enjoying more fresh fruits and vegetables. I myself am vegetarian and enjoy many raw foods.

    But that may not be true for everyone, as some people may feel better when they’re enjoying an enormous variety of foods, including cooked foods and animal flesh. Who’s to say what rings someone else’s bell?

    The one thing we do consistently hear from Abraham (an often-quoted Law of Attraction information resource) is that drinking lots of water is of great benefit.

    I think the best thing we could do for ourselves is become very conscious to what feels best, regardless of any “rules” or research results imposed on us by others, and trust our internal knowing to serve us well.

    Thanks for combining these two fascinating topics, Fatma. There is lots for us to learn here!

    Jeannette Maw
    Good Vibe Coach

  2. loverawfood said

    Hi Jeannette

    Thank you so much for your feedback. I soooooo totally agree with you. I am totally accepting of every person no matter what or how they eat. It is so about feeling good. 🙂 I actually wanted to address this in a future post as it so important to me. As you will see in the article I have mentioned to listen to your intuition when you make changes for only you know what is the best for you and in aligment with your truth. And so that is what I encourage my clients to do. I meet them where they are and support them according to their needs. So look out for a future post on this paradox of what comes first.

    By the way I am also training to become a Law of Attraction Coach. .

    Abraham also says that you cannot hear the answers if you do not ask the questions. So my articles are supposed to make you think, ask those questions for yourself and then hear your own answers.

    Wishing you the best life ever.


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