David Wolfe on Raw Food World Summit

Yesterday I listened to the David Wolfe on the Raw Food World Summit. David has great energy. I have spoken to him several times when he is speaking here in Toronto. He is one of the authorities on Raw Food and they have lined up 11 more experts to listen to for free or upgrade to get the CDs and transcripts. For more information click here.

  • Wednesday August 8: 8:00 PM EDT – Dr. Gabriel Cousens
  • Thursday August 9: 8:00 PM EDT – Dorit
  • Friday August 10: 8:00 PM EDT – Mike Adams
  • Saturday August 11: 8:00 PM EDT – Victoria Boutenko
  • Monday August 13: 8:00 PM EDT – Brendan Brazier
  • Tuesday August 14: 8:00 PM EDT – Brenda Cobb
  • Wednesday August 15: 8:00 PM EDT – Matt Monarch
  • Thursday August 16: 8:00 PM EDT – Angela Stokes
  • Friday August 17: 8:00 PM EDT – Happy Oasis
  • Saturday August 18 8:00 PM EDT – Rhio
  • Monday August 20 8:00 PM EDT – Richard Blackman
  • Tuesday August 21 8:00 PM EDT – Shazzie
  • Tuesday August 22 8:00 PM EDT – Special Wrap Up
  • One of the things I notice in my life is the hypersynchronicity he was talking about. The more tuned you are with your mission the more synchronicities you will see. You will be doing everything by doing nothing because you are in the middle of synchronicity.

    So today watch out for the synchronicities and clues that God provides in your life and act on them.

    Happy living.


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