The Shift movie

I have included a link to the Shift movie in my August newsletter. The movie is short and powerful.

I especially love Derrick Ashong saying at the end: Making the world a better place is your chore, your responsibility, your gift, your blessing. It is your opportunity to make your life something, so take it. And I say: Amen.


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  1. Having waited for an hour for the 6 minutes video to load, and after watching the movie I was not impressed; in fact I was utterly disappointed. There is nothing new in utopian promises, they are old as recorded history. So, there is nothing new there. This so called “evolutionary shift” is nothing more than another wishful fantasy

    One commentator wrote ” I turned off the preview after they started listing the financial donations as some sort of ‘proof’ that ‘The Shift’ is coming.. Sure, I believe that we can change–and rapidly–but we don’t need a feel-good movie to make ourselves pretend that we’re on the crest of ‘The Third Wave’ “, and I totally agree

    There is a change happening in the world, made possible by the internet, among other things, but internet does also make resistance to change possible. The unrelated changes cited in the movie collected form various media clippings do not add up to a global SHIFT movement or universal social transformation.. not yet

    Is it business as usual? Not quite

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