Young Living’s Dr David Hill in Toronto

On Saturday I attended Young Living’s Essential Wellness Training.

As an experienced Aromatherapist of 14 years and having worked in the Middle East, Switzerland and now Toronto, Canada, my love and amazement at what essential oils can do keeps growing everyday.

Young Living’s workshop are of excellent quality and they outdo themselves everytime. The training was intense and jam packed with knowledge, research, practical use and personal stories from Dr Hill. He is an excellent speaker, a man who speaks from the heart and the reason I chose to go.  I have so much experience with the oils myself and teach about them as well so although much of it was a repetition for me, I am still glad I went.

What I love about Young Living  is their commitment to providing the best therapeutic essential oils on the planet. And yes there are others who are committed too but Young Living does it on a much larger scale. They also greatly emphasize and provide excellent education. They are the world’s largest supplier of essential oils. Their mission echoes mine: Don’t put your health in the hands of someone else. Empower yourself to be healthier than you ever thought possible.

Dr Hill was on the Martha Stewart show in June 07. He is part of Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Initiative, a wellness program the designer founded to encourage integrative patient care.

When Martha Stewart asked Donna about  3 things that contributed to her health, Donna replied: Raw Food, Young Living Oils and Yoga.

In my next few posts I will pass on some of the information from the Essential Wellness Training.

To check out Young Living Events in your area click here

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