Shazzie and Raw Chocolate

Shazzie is from the UK and co-author of “Naked Chocolate” with David Wolfe.

Here she is being interviewed on Raw Chocolate by non other than Prince Charles’ stepson, Tom Parker Bowles.

 Click here for raw cacao nibs. Raw Chocolate coming soon.

''Cacao Nibs (peeled raw/organic cacao beans)'' 8 oz. bag

Raw, organic cacao nibs can be eaten on their own or combined with goji berries as a mineral rich snack.  They can be added to smoothies. To make your own simple chocolate, grind  4 tbsps cacao nibs in a coffee grinder, add some agave and coconut oil, mix and refrigerate. For a special touch, add a drop of Young Living’s Peppermint, Orange or Cinnamon.

This might be too stimulating to have in the evening. Some people cannot tolerate cacao. You can make the same recipe using wild, raw carob.



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