Meeting with Angela Stokes and Matt Monarch

Yesterday I had the opportunity to listen to Angela speak in downtown Toronto at the Kensington Market Loft. Angela is 28 and  experienced recovery from morbid obesity by adopting a healthy lifestyle of raw food and natural healthcare. She is from the UK and has been touring North America and Costa Rica for the last year. She is returning to the UK next week. Also speaking with her was Matt Monarch, author of Raw Spirit. Both of them were speaking from their heart and very willing to help people by sharing their own experiences. I enjoyed chatting with them too.


BEFORE – Aug 2001

Weight: 279lbs (approx. 20st/127kg)

 AFTER – July 2007 

Weight: 138lbs (approx. 9st 9lbs/62kg)

I have listed 3 tips from the 10 shared by Angela for those wanting to try going raw. These is exactly the kind of advise I give to my clients:

1. Just start now. Do not worry about being 70 %, 80%, 100 %. Just do it.

2. See it as a lifestyle, not a diet.

3. Add greens in any form: Juice, green food powder, smoothie.

The following were Matt Monarch’s tips:

1. Eliminate certain foods without exception. Sugar and grains being the top 2 foods to avoid. Just eliminating those will start to make you feel better.

2. Do colonics to support detoxification.

3. Drink vegetable juice.

After the talk I wandered through Toronto’s Chinatown which was just around the corner. The stalls were overflowing with colorful exotic produce: Durian, Jackfruit, Longan, Lychees, Mangos, Fresh young coconuts, Guavas, Passion Fruit, Papayas, Rambutan and more.  Lots of leafy greens and herbs of all kinds. Angela and Matt came along and got a Durian each. Who can resist the taste sensation of Durian? I am sure they will have a Durian feast. 🙂 Many shop keepers don’t speak English and all the store names are written in Chinese. For a while I was tranported to China.

It was a beautiful summer day and I had a great time.

Angela’s website:,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/


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