A trip to an organic farm

I went to the Vanhart organic farm yesterday with family in tow. What a beautiful place out in the country. Vast fields abundant with glorious summer produce. We walked in the fields and chose what we wanted. Sarah and Michael who work there were very kind and helpful. We left with bags and bags of produce. I got chard, romaine lettuce, spinach, basil, cilantro, dill, heirloom tomatoes in all sizes and colors, pink beets, purple carrots and a huge bag of field cucumbers. Everything right from the field.  I am going to have a Raw Fiesta. The corn was not ready yet but will be available in August. It was a lazy, hazy summer day spilling over with fresh country air, greenery wherever you look and a peaceful quietness. Time slows down and everything else falls away as you stand there in deep appreciation of this earth and the farmers who honor it through organic practices. We saw the most beautiful blue peacock with the longest feathers ever,  right on the farm. On the way we saw cows and horses grazing the meadows. My daughter, son and even my 10 month old nephew totally enjoyed the experience. We are filled with gratitude. And by golly, I have never seen so many tomatoes at a time in my lifetime. Thousands and thousands of them ripening on the vine in the greenhouses. What a sight! I bought the heirloom field tomatoes. They look less perfect but taste so good.

Bless my sister who discovered this place. I am glad to have taken time  to savor a slice of country life.

 The farm’s website is http://vanhartsallorganic.ca

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