Life is for living and living is free


When I was a teenager I heard  a song on the radio called: Life is for living and living is free. I loved the words but I did not understand them. Today I know: some of the most powerful and beautiful things in life are free.

Here is my list. If you come up with more, let me know.

The sparkling sun

The serene moon

The  twinkling stars

The splendor of birds in flight

The breath that connects us to life

The stillness at dawn

A golden sunrise

A glorious sunset

Majestic Mountains

Walking barefeet on grass

The soft sand on the beach

The wide ocean

A summer breeze

Rain on the window pane

The colors and vibrancy of a farmer’s market

The fragrance of flowers

The diversity of humanity

An enchanted forest

A huge rainbow

A butterfly fluttering by

A dazzling snow covered world

A beautiful smile

A joyous hug

I will be continuing this theme in a series of postings.

Enjoy living for living is free.



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