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Double Flavonoids in Organic Tomatoes

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Soil Quality from Long-term Organic Management Nearly Doubles Flavonoids in Organic Tomatoes 

For more than ten years, scientists at U.C. Davis in California have conducted a Long-Term Research on Agricultural Systems project (LTRAS). The impacts of conventional and organic management on tomato production and tomato nutrient concentrations have been a major focus of this effort.

On June 23, 2007, the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Food and Agricultural Chemistry published compelling results from the LTRAS (Mitchell et al., 2007). The team found that the level of quercitin, the most common flavonoid in the human diet and the major flavonoid in tomatoes, increased 79 percent as a result of organic management, and kaempferol levels rose 97 percent.

In addition, and significantly, the longer a field was managed organically, the bigger the margin in flavonoid levels between organic and conventional plots. The level of quercitin in the organic plots increased about 5 milligrams per gram of dried tomato per year, with the largest increases coming after seven years of organic management. In the conventional plots, quercitin levels increased only 2 mg/gram per year. This finding supports the need for a three-year transition period before a field is eligible to grow certified organic crops, and also helps explain the relatively smaller percentage increases in antioxidant levels typically found in university studies that entail just a few years of organic management. 

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Young Living’s Dr David Hill in Toronto

On Saturday I attended Young Living’s Essential Wellness Training.

As an experienced Aromatherapist of 14 years and having worked in the Middle East, Switzerland and now Toronto, Canada, my love and amazement at what essential oils can do keeps growing everyday.

Young Living’s workshop are of excellent quality and they outdo themselves everytime. The training was intense and jam packed with knowledge, research, practical use and personal stories from Dr Hill. He is an excellent speaker, a man who speaks from the heart and the reason I chose to go.  I have so much experience with the oils myself and teach about them as well so although much of it was a repetition for me, I am still glad I went.

What I love about Young Living  is their commitment to providing the best therapeutic essential oils on the planet. And yes there are others who are committed too but Young Living does it on a much larger scale. They also greatly emphasize and provide excellent education. They are the world’s largest supplier of essential oils. Their mission echoes mine: Don’t put your health in the hands of someone else. Empower yourself to be healthier than you ever thought possible.

Dr Hill was on the Martha Stewart show in June 07. He is part of Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Initiative, a wellness program the designer founded to encourage integrative patient care.

When Martha Stewart asked Donna about  3 things that contributed to her health, Donna replied: Raw Food, Young Living Oils and Yoga.

In my next few posts I will pass on some of the information from the Essential Wellness Training.

To check out Young Living Events in your area click here

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Shazzie and Raw Chocolate

Shazzie is from the UK and co-author of “Naked Chocolate” with David Wolfe.

Here she is being interviewed on Raw Chocolate by non other than Prince Charles’ stepson, Tom Parker Bowles.

 Click here for raw cacao nibs. Raw Chocolate coming soon.

''Cacao Nibs (peeled raw/organic cacao beans)'' 8 oz. bag

Raw, organic cacao nibs can be eaten on their own or combined with goji berries as a mineral rich snack.  They can be added to smoothies. To make your own simple chocolate, grind  4 tbsps cacao nibs in a coffee grinder, add some agave and coconut oil, mix and refrigerate. For a special touch, add a drop of Young Living’s Peppermint, Orange or Cinnamon.

This might be too stimulating to have in the evening. Some people cannot tolerate cacao. You can make the same recipe using wild, raw carob.


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Meeting with Angela Stokes and Matt Monarch

Yesterday I had the opportunity to listen to Angela speak in downtown Toronto at the Kensington Market Loft. Angela is 28 and  experienced recovery from morbid obesity by adopting a healthy lifestyle of raw food and natural healthcare. She is from the UK and has been touring North America and Costa Rica for the last year. She is returning to the UK next week. Also speaking with her was Matt Monarch, author of Raw Spirit. Both of them were speaking from their heart and very willing to help people by sharing their own experiences. I enjoyed chatting with them too.


BEFORE – Aug 2001

Weight: 279lbs (approx. 20st/127kg)

 AFTER – July 2007 

Weight: 138lbs (approx. 9st 9lbs/62kg)

I have listed 3 tips from the 10 shared by Angela for those wanting to try going raw. These is exactly the kind of advise I give to my clients:

1. Just start now. Do not worry about being 70 %, 80%, 100 %. Just do it.

2. See it as a lifestyle, not a diet.

3. Add greens in any form: Juice, green food powder, smoothie.

The following were Matt Monarch’s tips:

1. Eliminate certain foods without exception. Sugar and grains being the top 2 foods to avoid. Just eliminating those will start to make you feel better.

2. Do colonics to support detoxification.

3. Drink vegetable juice.

After the talk I wandered through Toronto’s Chinatown which was just around the corner. The stalls were overflowing with colorful exotic produce: Durian, Jackfruit, Longan, Lychees, Mangos, Fresh young coconuts, Guavas, Passion Fruit, Papayas, Rambutan and more.  Lots of leafy greens and herbs of all kinds. Angela and Matt came along and got a Durian each. Who can resist the taste sensation of Durian? I am sure they will have a Durian feast. 🙂 Many shop keepers don’t speak English and all the store names are written in Chinese. For a while I was tranported to China.

It was a beautiful summer day and I had a great time.

Angela’s website:,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/


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A trip to an organic farm

I went to the Vanhart organic farm yesterday with family in tow. What a beautiful place out in the country. Vast fields abundant with glorious summer produce. We walked in the fields and chose what we wanted. Sarah and Michael who work there were very kind and helpful. We left with bags and bags of produce. I got chard, romaine lettuce, spinach, basil, cilantro, dill, heirloom tomatoes in all sizes and colors, pink beets, purple carrots and a huge bag of field cucumbers. Everything right from the field.  I am going to have a Raw Fiesta. The corn was not ready yet but will be available in August. It was a lazy, hazy summer day spilling over with fresh country air, greenery wherever you look and a peaceful quietness. Time slows down and everything else falls away as you stand there in deep appreciation of this earth and the farmers who honor it through organic practices. We saw the most beautiful blue peacock with the longest feathers ever,  right on the farm. On the way we saw cows and horses grazing the meadows. My daughter, son and even my 10 month old nephew totally enjoyed the experience. We are filled with gratitude. And by golly, I have never seen so many tomatoes at a time in my lifetime. Thousands and thousands of them ripening on the vine in the greenhouses. What a sight! I bought the heirloom field tomatoes. They look less perfect but taste so good.

Bless my sister who discovered this place. I am glad to have taken time  to savor a slice of country life.

 The farm’s website is

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Life is for living and living is free


When I was a teenager I heard  a song on the radio called: Life is for living and living is free. I loved the words but I did not understand them. Today I know: some of the most powerful and beautiful things in life are free.

Here is my list. If you come up with more, let me know.

The sparkling sun

The serene moon

The  twinkling stars

The splendor of birds in flight

The breath that connects us to life

The stillness at dawn

A golden sunrise

A glorious sunset

Majestic Mountains

Walking barefeet on grass

The soft sand on the beach

The wide ocean

A summer breeze

Rain on the window pane

The colors and vibrancy of a farmer’s market

The fragrance of flowers

The diversity of humanity

An enchanted forest

A huge rainbow

A butterfly fluttering by

A dazzling snow covered world

A beautiful smile

A joyous hug

I will be continuing this theme in a series of postings.

Enjoy living for living is free.


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