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Summer of 2010


This has definitely been a summer of personal expansion, growth and many new experiences. I loved going to Paris in July and then Switzerland in August. I went back to the town I grew up in. It has been 18 years since I last saw it and it too has grown and blossomed immensely. I so enjoyed walking down memory lane. I also met the very first teacher I had there. She came knocking on the door of my first day there as she was so excited to meet me again and invited us to a very Swiss dinner. She is so special and I am still learning from her. I also did my first international teleclass for a selected number of clients on the topic of “Expand your Wealth Consciousness so you can live your purpose!” It was so much fun and I look forward to hosting more teleclasses. I will definitely be teaching more about living from a place of divine abundance!

Oh and while coming back I fell asleep for about 20 minutes at the airport in New York and missed my flight to Toronto. I have never sat so close to the gate and missed a flight. We  had to wait for a flight until next morning. We watched the sun rise and had a delicious banana, strawberry and papaya smoothie.  I bought beautiful bookmarks to give away at the bookstore there with dolphins jumping out of the ocean and the words “with God all things are possible”. What a beautiful message on a sparkly morning in New York. I loved to see the faces when I gave them away at the Movers and Shakers event I attended this weekend in Toronto. I also had the joy of meeting and speaking with Louise Hay. Her facebook page can get upto 800000 hits a day! At 84 she is certainly living it up and making a difference in the world with her books and with her company Hayhouse. She has sold 50 million books all over the world.  I met many inspiring people and had lunch with Sylvie Ouellette who quit her high paying job and dedicated her life to helping the women of Cananga in Congo. Check out her website. One person with a compelling vision can truly make a difference. The next day I had lunch with a filmmaker from the US and a shaman and medicinewoman called Moondancer from Toronto. Live is definitely an adventure full of surprises!

Here are some glimpses from my trip that I love sharing with you.

River Seine at Dusk

Luscious berries at an Open Air Market in Paris

A magical moment that cannot be captured in a picture – Full Moon photographed standing under the Eiffel Tower

Art in Paris

Flower seller in St. Gallen, Switzerland

Colorful flowers in a park in St. Gallen

I used to wait exactly here to take the train to St. Gallen where I went to High School. The trains are amazingly punctual and you can time your watch by them.

My daughter Safia loved this fragrant herb water fountain

Quaint Hotel

Lushness of flowers everywhere

Flowers and a fountain you can drink from

Loved the stunning colors of these  flowers that I could not capture on camera.

My heart is grateful for all the experiences and people I met.

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Magical Paris

eiffel tower Pictures, Images and Photos

My life has been definitely turbo charged in the last 2 months. I have supported 10 women with my VIP Days through major transformation. I have stepped up and treated myself to an Intensive Day being coached by the  gorgeous Gina Ratliffe at the Ritz in Paris. The decision alone and then the experience itself has catapulted me to another place altogether. My business is going high end and I will soon be shifting this blog to another platform.

Paris is absolument magnifique and the Parisians incredibly friendly.  If you are seeking jaw dropping inspiration definitely put Paris on your list. Did you know that Paris is the world’s # 1 tourist destination and is considered the world’s most beautiful city? I loved every minute of my stay there.

My VIP Days are now high end, high value services to support women to step into their magnificence and lead the life their hearts desire.

If you are looking for powerful transformation in the area of health, wealth and happiness then a VIP Day with Fatma will be a life changing experience worth investing in.

You can email me at fatmazaidi at for more information. I would love to help you with your powerful transformation.

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Loved showcasing Aromatherapy for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition at the Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference. I got to hand out magical potions and delight the participants.


Pictures of my last 2 events – Express Yourself and Your Personal Vision

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Where is Fatma?

waves Pictures, Images and Photos

Hello everyone! I have not written a post in almost 2 months! Having said that I have been surfing a Big Wave here and there is huge excitement in the air!

So here is some of what I have been doing:

Held 2 events,  Express Yourself and Your Personal Vision and had tons of fun. (will be posting pictures soon)

Dream boogied with SARK. It has been an absolute amazing experience. She will be doing it all over again in June!
Bestselling author and artist SARK and Marney Makridakis from are together presenting a FREE teleclass on Thursday, June 3.  It’s called  SARK and Marney’s Magic Management:
How Your Inner CEO and Inner Spirit Can Get Along and Thrive
!  Sign up to reserve your free spot!
Marney created a beautiful Creative Cartography Map for me a few months ago. It is so delightful to see the love flow between Marney and SARK.  You will see a little blurb on me in one of  SARK’s newsletters! Yeah!

Created my Brand New Service: A VIP Day with me! If you want to know more about booking one for yourself , I would love to hear from you. You will find my contact info under “About ” in the sidebar. Elizabeth Genco Purvis from Marketing Goddess will be featuring me and my VIP days in her next newsletter. Double Yeah!

Organizing a holiday retreat in …………….. (Will tell you soon enough. Watch this space!)

Been part of Sandy Grason’s Fabulous Formula! Sandy is faaaaaabulous!

Riding the Big Waves of Life requires skills otherwise they can easily drown us. Sound familiar? I have been learning some brilliant skills from Lissa Boles, the Soul Mapper.

There is more and I will leave that for another post! If you need help in Stepping into your Change you will love a VIP Day with me! You are so worth it!

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Happy Goji Water

Goji Berries Pictures, Images and Photos

It is Happy Friday again.

One of the things that make me so happy is reading inspirational books. Right now I am reading Greatness Guide 2 by Robin Sharma. I love his work. The book is filled with 101 insights to get you to world class! Wow! A summarization of tip 6 is:

My point is simply this: The way you do the little things says a lot about the way you do the big things.  So pay attention to the little details. Focus on the small stuff (like crazy). World class people and organizations always do. Because the little things are truly the big ones.

Such an incredibly simple and powerful tip. Start with the small things!

How about starting to do one small thing that can contribute to your best health ever? Goji berries are a small package packed with world class goodness. They are perhaps the most nutritionally rich berry fruit on the planet and tastae delicious. The support healthly hormones, vision, immune system,  brain and neurological health and the only food known to stimulate the body to produce  Human Growth Hormone naturally.

Happy Goji Water

1 handful of goji berries

2 cups of water

Soak 2 hours in room temperature water. Strain and use water as a base for your smoothies or homemade lemonade. You can add the soaked berries to the smoothie or use them for another purpose. Goji berries can also be added to herbal teas to enhance them and be the little thing that will  just make you feel the best ever. 🙂

Here is some more Goji inspiration from an earlier post.

Did you check out last week’s Happy Giveaway!

Fatma XO

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A Happy Giveaway

I so enjoyed the beautiful Easter Weekend filled with Spring Sunshine, a clear blue sky and lots of time to take deep gulps of the fresh air.

A couple of weeks ago I had a Creative Cartography Session with Marney Markiadis of Artellaland. As part of the session I received a beautiful Action Map made with love by Marney. It is awesome and I totally recommend her inspiring work. With Marney’s graceful permission I am giving away the following ebook by her.

Download a FREE copy of the Artella eBook, Peace by Piece: Collage Your Way to Inner Peace and Harmony. This workbook guides you through several collage projects, each one designed to bring you closer to your true self and your powerful ability for manifesting your dreams and desires. Download your copy here!

Thank you Marney!

You can check out more about Marney at her website Artellaland.

Marney is also one of the teachers in Sark’s Dream Boogie Program.

Want to have a cup of tea with SARK?  Here’s a fun tea party video from SARK’s home in San Francisco where she talks about dreams and her new online program.

SARK Video

Enjoy all the  inspiration! 🙂

Fatma XO

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The Path of Delight

Happy Friday Pictures, Images and Photos
It is Friday and time for a post for the Happy Book Blogging Club.

It is a perfectly happy day today! I love Fridays even though I don’t work a 9-5 job. Now that is something I am very happy about! I decided to not just share my happy moments but post something that will delight you. This week I am choosing the following:

The Path of Delight

Taking delight in who you are, what you do, and what you have is the secret of personal power, satisfaction, and high-energy living.

Delight connects you with the beauty and power of the Universe, with your Higher Power, with Divinity.

Delight means feeling and expressing the joy of life, rejoicing in the beauty and richness of being.

Delight is a powerful liberating force that frees your creativity, talents, abilities, and capacities.

Delight anchors you in the eternal now and lets you see the best of it.

Delight inspires hope.

Delight feeds the heart and nurtures the soul.

Delight brings zest into our life.

Delight makes you receptive and confident.

Delight is contagious: it is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others.

The path of delight is there; it has always been there, waiting for you….

from Out of the Blue by Mark Victor Hansen & Barbara Nichols

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Happy Spring! :)

spring Pictures, Images and Photos

Celebrating the first day of Spring! I love Spring and last week was just so glorious. What a joy to see people laughing and spending more time outdoors and everyone just soaking in the sun. It is cold again today. Nevertheless it IS Spring at last! The birds are back and the I can feel the lifeforce pulsating everywhere.

We had so many happy moments last week:

My daughter Safia’s 10 th Birthday. I woke up in the middle of the night to put out her gifts and balloons making for a delightful Birthday morning!

Attending the Total Health Show where I always meet the nicest people and learn cool stuff.

It was March Break and one of Safia’s dreams was to  to see how one of Canada’s most loved souvenir, Maple Syrup, was made in old times. So we visited Black Creek Pioneer Village and had a fabulous time learning just that. We also got to see many other things in the Village about life in the 19th Century. It so reminded me of my childhood growing up in Switzerland where there is still a lot of old fashioned way of living in the villages and mountain regions. We also enjoyed a horse wagon ride with the biggest horses I have ever seen. And I did not have my camera to capture the moment! We had such a marvelous time.

Watching hilarious and jawdropping circus acts at the mall just minutes from our home.

Going to the Crystal store in downtown Toronto is always such a treat. Found a pretty and newly discovered Crystal from Mexico.

Walking across Danforth Ave. in the Spring Sunshine.

Enjoying organic strawberries!

Helping and inspiring people through my passion and purpose.

Wishing you Happy Spring filled with laughter, sunshine and colors! 🙂

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A Spring Celebration!


It is always such a delight to teach at my events. Today’s event took place a bit earlier due to March Break. It is never too early though for any Celebration! Here are some pictures from the event. It is the first time I post  pictures from my live events and I dedicate it to the participants who let me live my joy by helping connect them to their joy! You know who you are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I taught about Spring Energies (being in tune with the natural rhythms of our planet), Super Spring Plan with Food and Detox Ideas and Transformational Tools to help YOU shine in all your colors!

Tulips to celebrate Spring!

The beautiful pink/green bowls

 were a discovery of my sister’s. Mwah. The participants got to take theirs home.

The Super Spring Plan to revitalize and rejuvenate!

Delicious Raspberry Ice cream with Blueberries – Mmmm 

Raw Taco Boats

Avocados and Tomatoes for the Taco Boats

and much FUN, Laughter, Connecting and LOVE!

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